IPVanish VPN Review

IPVanish is somewhat of a polarizing company in the Developing While some believe it’s one of the best VPN’s you can purchase right now, others will tell you the vendor is not all that’s its broken to be.

Known for its rapid speeds and attributes (what else would you need?) , IPVanish VPN has established itself as a dominant player in the VPN market for 2018, they also happen to be the most popular VPN provider for Americans.

Although IPVanish VPN asserts it has a rigorous no-logging Coverage, some are doubtful of this privacy protection offered by IPVanish VPN because the firm hales from the great state of Florida, Orlando to be accurate.

The U.S. doesn’t exactly have the Best track record when It comes to spying on its own citizens, most western nations do not.

All of VPN providers have to comply with laws and policy on Data retention established by the country or province they are based in.

Astonishingly, the United States doesn’t have any concrete Laws on the books about data retention and logging. This is desired of course.

Are the sharp speeds and a broad array of encryption protocols. The features are immense, though Netflix streaming is still absent.

A IPVanish VPN representative told me that some cloud-based (virtual) server providers beyond its network are utilized at any given moment to pick up a few of those heavy lifting.

Let’s vanish deep in this VPN review and see if they can Crack our esteemed and talked about Best 5 VPN list.


Among the most essential variables to a Fantastic VPN is the Number of servers it has along with a good, diversified place list. As of May 2018, IPVanish provides places to over 1,100 servers in 61 nations across the planet and an extremely impressive 40,000+ IP addresses for convenience and additional anonymity.

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The 1,100 + servers IPVanish VPN supplies is not in our top Five for VPN’s but that amount is plenty enough for optimal coverage. The more locations a VPN must offer means you’ve got more choices to disguise your actual location, this is known as geo-spoofing.

Most of All, You’ll Get better, stronger, and faster Connection with more servers in closeness while you’re away. Since your chances of linking to a busy server decrease with the increase in the number of servers.

With that said, you can Pick a Particular server you want to Connect with the particular state and encryption protocol in mind, or change on auto pilot and IPVanish will automatically indicate the speediest VPN server for the connection based on location and ping. That is ensured.


All IPVanish VPN subscriptions comprise ten-device Compatibility using a single strategy, this can be important when you’ve got several devices like tablets tablets, and computers you will need to secure using a VPN. Still to this day, there are high-end vendors that just offer support for 3 apparatus, this is simply unacceptable.

IPVanish VPN deviates a little from the standard in pricing Plans by supplying a quarterly subscription in addition to the annual and month to month programs. Free programs aren’t included and the money-back guarantee is good for just seven days. I wish they would have long this to 14 days or a free trial, even a limited one.

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The Monthly program provided is $10.00 per month, quarterly strategy is $8.99 per month and charged at $26.99 every 3 weeks. The yearly plan is $6.49 a month billed at $77.99 annually.

Network Speed

Total, IPVanish had some remarkable speeds, rather than just domestically. Naturally, the farther the geographical place that you are linked to, the lower your bandwidth speed is.

We saw community speeds that were well above the average when In comparison to another VPN’s in the exact same class, this was particularly true in Europe and the united kingdom. You won’t have some issues streaming HD video, 4K video, or online gaming. IPVanish promises no ISP throttling, giving you really unlimited bandwidth.

Internet service providers and telecommunication Conglomerates are proven to throttle bandwidth when somebody has employed a high number of data in a particular billing cycle.

VPN speed tests and comparisons are a bit hard to quantify, There are a lot of variables that can shift the accuracy and effectiveness for one of these evaluations.

Privacy+ Security

The first thing you should do when buying a VPN is read Their privacy policy, to me this is top priority and may make or break any additional consideration. Like most of VPN companies, IPVanish has to comply with set-forth legislation from which the country or land the VPN supplier is from.

Some are worried that IPVanish relies in the United States because the US government was well known to spy on its citizens via the NSA. To combat this, IPVanish includes a tight”no logging” policy on their website.

Privacy Policy

It’s fairly straight-forward but I recommend you read it in Its entirety:

“To create an account, you may need to provide certain Personal data, such as your name, billing address and email. You’ll also need to decide on a username and password and supply us with payment information. The kind of information collected may change depending on payment method chosen. Once you’ve created an account, subscription and billing information can be accessed and altered by you at any time through your control panel.”


IPVanish Utilizes a near unbreakable 256-bit-CBC AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with a 2048-bit DH key with SHA-256 authentication, this protocol is used on all platforms for IPVanish.

This level of encryption was devised by the U.S. military And is now being used by them today. It allows users to bypass firewall’s that were installed by authorities, colleges, parents, or employers.

The SHA 256-bit authentication is your standard of most Leading brands, though a couple of use a SHA-512 authentication. That Said, SHA-256 is still a very viable encryption protocol.

Our Verdict

The last verdict for IPVanish is it’s a fairly excellent VPN with lots of features and decent performance to satisfy many users. There are noticeable drawbacks such as the cost, absence of Netflix compatibility, and ad-blocking.

It includes a huge number of safety protocols however some question how personal you’re because the business is located in the USA, Florida to be precise.