Best Antivirus for Android

If you purchased a new tablet or smartphone, you need to take care of its security. On the world wide web, it is straightforward to “pick up” a lot of malicious applications. Antiviruses help to protect the device – these are programs that block viruses and their entry into the device from the Internet. In addition to this, they block various malicious traffic from the Internet.

Do not think that your device will do without antivirus. Due to the neglect of smartphone protection, the consequences can be disastrous. In the worst cases, the user has to reinstall the system or send the device to a landfill. Therefore, one of the primary tasks is to choose the right and high-quality antivirus. It must meet many requirements to protect the entire system adequately. Here are the main functions of a good antivirus:

Detects the most apparent and potential threats.

Does not overload the operating system and smartphone processor.

Does not block proven and secure applications and tasks (erroneous blocking of traffic).

The presence of an extensive database of viruses and dangerous sites. Thanks to her, the antivirus will be able to identify most malware.

Continual improvement of the system of combating threats through continuous updates.

Blocking necessary and harmless traffic can be a problem for your smartphone in the future (after all, even the most common signals can be taken for malicious signs). Immediately discard the options that have received complaints from many users.

The article will analyze the antivirus rating for devices with Android OS. It includes the five best antiviruses for Android as of 2018. In compiling the score, both the opinions of experts and reviews of ordinary mobile device owners were taken into account.

Avast mobile security

Avast Mobile Security has been one of the leaders in downloads and overall rating among this type of antivirus for quite some time. Most reviews give him a positive assessment and rightly attribute to his many strengths.

Avast Mobile Security has long gone beyond the usual protection program, as it has acquired many additional, to some extent, innovative features, including:

Antivirus scanner. Essential function with improved virus tracking on the network and on the device itself. Allows you to conduct a diverse scan of the device (from fast to full). After scanning, quarantines infected files or deletes them.

Firewall. It allows you to protect your phone from leakage of confidential data: phone numbers, bank accounts, various traffic when using public networks.

Application lock. Some programs designed for Internet banking or social networking activities require special attention and protection. Avast Mobile Security offers to cancel their autostart and enter the PIN-code that you set in advance before opening them. A useful element is also tracking on the Internet messages that were left on your behalf by other people ? a handy feature for dealing with fraudsters and cybercriminals on the Internet.

Call blocking. Same blacklist. It is perfect for those who are tired of calls from unknown numbers or advertising spam on the phone. Additionally, the name itself is protected, tracing signs of its use by fraudsters.

The “anti-theft” function is the highlight of this antivirus. The user can enable it to protect sensitive information and maintain confidentiality. Its essence is straightforward: in case of loss or theft of the phone, all information on the smartphone is deleted or wholly blocked.

Separately, it should be noted high-quality design and user-friendly interface. Avast Mobile Security has disadvantages: a lot of advertising and the absence of the Russian language in the interface. However, advertising allows you to use antivirus for free. You can remove it by purchasing a subscription.

Avast is the best feature-rich antivirus for Android. It will appeal to many owners of smartphones and tablets.

Norton Security & Antivirus

This is a good antivirus for your tablet. It is very similar to Kaspersky Antivirus, although its security performance is slightly worse than the latter. It has the following functions:

Anti-theft (also there is a search for a phone or tablet due to the created communication channel).

Block numbers, applications, blacklist.

Full protection from potentially dangerous sites, identifying phishing and its sources.

I am combating ransomware viruses.

Ransomware viruses are a type of infection operating under the pretext of disclosing and using personal data. Very often, they acquire the form of a “lock” of the tablet screen with the help of the displayed ad.

Using progressive technology, it can detect dangerous files before loading the Android system.

Protect children from harmful sites.

There is a paid subscription and premium model. It provides the machine with access to a web portal to synchronize protection on all devices.

There is a paid subscription and premium model. It provides the machine with access to a web portal to synchronize protection on all devices. Extras: safe mode for children, backing up the necessary files. It will be appropriate for cases of loss of essential data or virus attacks. The user has at its disposal cloud storage of 25 GB (there is the possibility of expansion).

Norton Security & Antivirus comes in handy no matter the type of device, but most of all it has proven its usefulness as an antivirus for the tablet.

Bottom Line

Each of these antiviruses is the best, and their protective functions differ little. In addition to useful properties, a good antivirus is determined by the degree of testing. For example, AV-Test and Real-World test help determine the readiness of the antivirus for the most dangerous and usual everyday attacks. A conscientious developer must test their product using at least one of these test systems.

The manifestation of the strengths and weaknesses of security programs is associated with additional functionality more than with the main one. Thus, the choice of one of the listed antiviruses is instead a matter of taste and preferences of the person himself.