Avast Antivirus Review

Avast Antivirus is an excellent free antivirus program, focused on the use of various categories of consumers. This program allows you to destroy Trojans quickly, check multiple incoming and outgoing messages for viruses, check ICQ and occupy a tiny place on the hard disk of the computer.

To date, the free antivirus program Avast has numerous awards and victories. For example, in 2006, this antivirus was awarded the prize Choice of readers of SC. The best antivirus. There are dozens of antivirus vendors and among them such well-known antivirus developers as McAfee Inc. – “McAfee VirusScan Enterprise”; “Symantec Corporation – Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition” and “Aladdin Knowledge Systems – Aladdin eSafe” competed in this prestigious competition, but it was Avast that won.

Permanent resident protection of the program will not allow the virus to penetrate and run on the computer. A reliable module of heuristic protection against various unknown trojans, viruses, and worms provides honest and severe protection of the system. A distinctive feature of this free version of the program is personal resident mail protection via SMTP / POP3 / IMAP4 protocols. Protection of ICQ and Skype from possible viruses is also built into the program.

Antivirus program “Avast” allows you to analyze all network traffic continually. Automatic updating of the program can work both with fast and slow connections on the Internet. The ability to use automatic updates allows you to update the anti-virus database without user intervention.

A convenient and straightforward interface with rich functionality, a select screen saver that allows you to continually check the system for antiviruses, the attractive appearance of the program – all this favorably distinguishes this program from a large number of free antivirus programs.


Today, a mobile device running Android can replace a desktop computer. So, it becomes as vulnerable as a PC. The task of the user is to provide full protection to his ?mobile friend.? Avast antivirus for Android is top-rated. How it stands out among all security programs and how to install it will tell our review.

  • The number of installations – 500 million;
  • Score in the Play Store – 4.4;
  • The cost is free.

Please note that in the ranking of antiviruses from our editorial board, Avast for Android won first place. You can download Avast for Android via the link at the end of the article.


Using the free Avast application for Android, you can ensure that your smartphone is fully protected from any encroachments from the outside. The utility not only protects against viruses but also can protect the gadget from theft. The principle of operation of Avast Antivirus is quite simple – the web-based function of determining the location of the gadget. It is possible to erase the memory of the device, remotely block access to it, use the traffic counter and start the firewall.


  • Call and SMS Filter;
  • security adviser;
  • application management;
  • anti-virus kernel;
  • network meter;
  • backup;
  • application lock.


Even though many antivirus developers offer their solutions for mobile devices, Avast Mobile Security for Android successfully holds the palm. This is explained as follows:

The application is free. You can expand its functionality in the Premium version for only 50 rubles per month or 400 rubles per year – is this the price of absolute security of the device?

Nice interface.

Ability to choose the time to scan applications and the contents of the memory card. Avast Mobile Security can examine data at night when the owner does not need a smartphone.

The application works fine in conjunction with other Avast products: SecureLine VPN (anonymizes your surfing on the network, hides your data from spyware), Battery Saver (automatically optimizes device usage, saving up to 20% of battery charge) and Anti-Theft (opens remote access to your device in case of its loss).

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Download Avast Mobile Security for Android on Google Play and agree to the installation. When you first start the utility will offer to scan your device right now or in deferred mode.

Avast Mobile Security for Android is located in the device?s memory and starts automatically with the system. In the background, the antivirus consumes a minimum of RAM and does not load the smartphone.

If for some reason you could not download the application in the store, use the official developer site. Select the required type of antivirus, download the .apk file and open it on your mobile device. But do not forget to allow the installation of applications from unprotected sources in the device settings. The utility will prompt you to scan the device immediately.

Avast Mobile Security for Android is an excellent choice for those who surf a lot over the network. You can not worry about the security of your mobile device – Avast is firmly guarding your data.